Mens Linen Clothes

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Linen holds up well in the summer or in any warm or tropical climates. Plus, the fabric is twice as strong as cotton and stays perspiration-free even on the hottest and most humid of days.

In addition, it becomes more comfortable to wear over time as it becomes softer and softer the longer it is washed and worn. However, the natural flax threads used in making linen do cause some wrinkling as they are not as flexible, say, as cotton threads. Nevertheless, the inflexibility also adds to linen’s strength and therefore makes it a rugged yet stylish choice to use in the manufacture of linen clothing.

As a result, you can wear linen shirts, shorts, pants or suits without it looking sad or limp. In fact, natural linen fabric retains as much as 15 to 20 percent in water content.

When is Linen Worn Around the World?

In seasonal locations in the US, UK, India and Australia, linen is generally worn during the summertime, or the hottest months of the year. You’ll generally see men in colder climates (such as Canada) wearing the flax fabric during June, July and August and from December through February in the Australian continent. Men in in colder climes will also wear linen on holiday in tropical locations too.

White linen suits are a popular form of beach wedding attire too. The relaxed yet classic styling is featured at beach weddings on the west coast of the U.S. as well as at weddings and receptions in Hawaii and Miami. A linen suit is also worn at nuptial events in Melbourne and Sydney and for wedding day festivities in parts of Europe and Asia too.

Wash Care & Drying Instructions

why linen clothingWhen caring for linen fabric, make sure that you read the directions for care on the label first. Some of the clothing may feature trimmings, linings, or pockets that may require it to be dry cleaned. Otherwise, you usually can machine wash in warm or cool temperatures.

When drying, lay them out flat to air dry rather than drying them in the drier as doing so can cause them to shrink. Also, avoid hanging pants, shirts or shorts on hangers to dry as marks may result because of the fiber’s in-elasticity. Pure linen / 100% linen should be slightly damp when it is ironed too.

While linen does tend to crease or wrinkle, this is the natural state of the fabric. Therefore, wrinkling also adds to the casual appeal of the material. Because linen fibers are absorbent, the fabric can be easily dyed.

Mens Linen Clothing

Linen pants and Linen shorts come in fashionable colors and styles that exhibit a laid-back yet on-trend attitude. Choose from among drawstring, cargo, or khaki styled pants to enhance your look and wardrobe. Popular colors include traditional, natural shades such as tan, navy blue, white, or black.

Linen shirts come in a variety of vibrant hues, such as pink, red, lime and rust as well as classic white (the most popular choice). Other classic colors include navy, black and tan. You can also find a variety of colorful prints, ideal for wearing when on holiday.

A Versatile Fabric

Needless to say, linen clothes can be worn in casual situations as well as for formal events. Plus, linen fashions look great on men of any age. So, whether they are worn for vacation or work, it represents a style that underscores tradition as well modern sophistication. Pair linen pants or shorts with straight hem shirts, tucked in or worn out. Or pick a tunic-styled shirt to don with linen trousers made with a drawstring design.

Plus, linen is an anti-bacterial fabric. Therefore, you can feel confident about wearing the clothes even if you have developed rashes or suffered from itching when wearing other kinds of materials.

Linen: The Fabric of Choice for Summer

Travelers like linen as clothes made of the fabric are not only lightweight but also easy to pack. In addition, linen can be hand-washed, and dries quickly too. They will always be in fashion and never go out of style.