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Beach Wedding Suits for Men

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Dressing for a wedding is all about comfort with the right mix of style in it. When couples opt for a beach wedding, the trickiest question is the beach wedding attire for groom especially when it comes to beach wedding suits for groom. Taking the opinion of popular stylists, the groom should simply be following the steps of his bride. If she goes for a formal look, then he should do the same. Otherwise, if she chooses to stay casual, then casual is the way to go for the groom as well.

Wedding at the beach gives you a lot of flexible dress options to choose from. For men who want to go formal can choose to wear the linen suits for summers. Considering the sunny weather at the beach, the beach wedding groom suit should be of a light soothing color. On the other hand, the casual look consists of a loose white linen shirt, a pair of trousers and sandals or flip-flops to complete the look.

A Suit made of Lightweight Wool, Linen or Cotton – The Preferred Suit for a Beach Wedding

If you are a groom who has not yet decided on a clothing selection for your beach wedding, it’s perfectly understandable. While tuxedos can be a bit overstated, you may feel wearing shirt and khakis may be just a little too casual. However, you can resolve any indecision by selecting a suit made of a lightweight fabric, such as summer wool, linen, or cotton.

Linen Suit for Beach Wedding – A Good Compromise

A mens beach wedding suit made of summer wool is often chosen for evening ceremonies when the temperature is balmier and cooler. Suits of 100% pure cotton can wrinkle quite easily and often do not look quite as elegant as beach wedding suits made of linen. So, your selection of a beach wedding suit will be primarily based on whether you want your casual beach look to be more formal or leisurely. Suits made of linen seem to be a good compromise as they do not look quite as formal as suits made of wool but, again, look a bit more refined than beach wedding suits made of cotton.

A beach wedding linen suit is generally designed with a blazer that looks crisp yet comfortable. Popular colors include natural, white, and black, with black the pick for beach weddings held after the sun goes down.

Beach Wedding Suit on Neutral Colors And Tan Suits For An Informal Look

Beach Wedding Color Scheme

tan suits for a beach wedding
Tan Suits for a Beach Wedding

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