How to Remove Coffee / Tea Stains From Linen

Dealing With Tea and Coffee Stains

Coffee Tea Stains From LinenAs coffee and tea are both popular beverages, getting a stain on a linen garment is a certain eventuality. However, don’t fret too much if you spill coffee or tea on a linen piece of clothing as the fabric is woven and treated so that removing a stain is a fairly easy task. To remove a spot stain then, you’ll only need a tea kettle, tap water, and a couple drops of mild dish-washing detergent.

How to remove tea / coffee stains out of your linen shirts

To begin the process, fill up the tea kettle with some fairly warm water and place the stained garment over the kitchen sink. Douse the area of the stain with water from the kettle, holding the container about a yard’s length from the spot. Next, add a couple drops of the dish-washing detergent on the stain, rubbing both sides of the fabric. Follow up by rinsing away the bubbles – again, with warm water from the kettle.

Staining is usually not a problem with linen because manufacturers generally add stain-resistant finishes to the material. In addition, the fabric is woven in such a way that it releases stains when placed in a hot water wash. So, if your spot cleaning does not get rid of all the staining, you can remove the rest of the residue when you place the garment in the washing machine.

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