Linen Suit for Men for Beach Weddings

linen suit for men wedding

Beach Wedding Linen Suit – Why Linen is Preferable

While you can select from a number of looks and materials for beach wedding wear, usually the choice of a linen suit for wedding is the most appropriate pick. Linen, too, is often preferred over lightweight wool or cotton as it is more agreeable to wear and typically maintains its shape better than cotton materials. As linen tends to wrinkle though, it’s best to put on the suit right before the start of the event. Choose from among suits that are made of premium quality linen. Again, this type of fabric will keep you cooler and more comfortable in a tropical setting as the material is resilient to the heat and humidity that prevail in tropical locales. Suits made of linen are also lighter in weight, thereby making them all the more attractive as a selection for any wedding at the beach.

Linen Suits for Men Wedding – Popular Colors

Typically, the blazer for a linen wedding suit is made with herringbone detail and notched lapel. The tropical, casual look is enhanced with the inclusion of two side back vents. Popular colors for linen suit for beach wedding include white, natural, tan or black. However, black is better for beach weddings held in the evening as black or dark colors absorb heat more readily and therefore provide less comfort for the wearer during the day.

Linen Suit Beach Wedding Men Photos

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