Linen vs Cotton Shirts

Cotton Vs. Linen Shirts in Terms of Feel and Texture

linen vs cotton

If Linen isn’t Treated, Wrinkling can be More of a Problem for the Fabric than it is for Cotton

Both cotton and linen are premium materials that are worn in the summertime or in warmer climates throughout the year. However, there are variations in the materials you’ll need to consider. While linen keeps you cooler than cotton and therefore is preferred in hot and humid environments, it still tends to wrinkle more easily than garments made with cotton or a cotton blend. However, any wrinkled linen shirt, when compared to an equally wrinkled cotton shirt, will still look better than its counterpart. In addition, some linen shirts have been treated to resist wrinkles too.

Weighing the Material Qualities

In terms of feel and texture, linen’s yarn is spun and the resulting fabric woven so that it features a lustrous kind of surface. By comparison, cotton seemingly exhibits a matte-like quality. While cotton feels more luxurious to the touch, linen has more of a textured type of smoothness. The dyes used in linen tend to look brighter after several washings too while cotton fibers seem to become stronger and more resilient. Therefore, some manufacturers combine the fibers of the two fabrics to make use of the qualities of both materials.

Linen vs Cotton/Linen Blends

The Cotton/linen blend however are known to be more softer and resilient, and won’t wrinkle as much as 100% linen and hence preferred as shirts material.

Linen – The Better Choice with Respect to Coolness and Comfort

So, there are a few small but significant differences between linen and cotton. However, linen is the better choice to include in your summer wardrobe as it typically keeps you cooler and can be worn both at work and at play.

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