Men’s Beach Wedding Attire – What to Wear

Wedding Attire for Beach Wedding

men beach wedding attire

Mens Beach Wedding Attire – What to wear to Beach Wedding

Drawstring Linen Pants, Cotton or Linen Shirts, Suits – That’s the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when you think of mens beach wedding apparel.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and the photos clicked form memories forever. The one thing that should be right in a photograph of a wedding is the attire of both the bride and the groom. Although much emphasis is given to the attire of the bride, a man’s beach wedding attire should not be overlooked.

Is your bride to be insisting on a beach theme wedding? A wedding on the beach can be a great way to convince her that comfort should be the choice. It is a chance to dress in a comfortable style to suit the occasion for you and for your bride, groomsmen, maids of honor, and guest.

Beach Wedding Attire Men

If you are having a wedding on beach, it would be proper to give up dark colors like black, navy blue and maroon and give way to colors like white, off-white, yellow, sky blue and steal grey. Another thing to keep in mind is to choose light fabrics like linen and cotton as men’s wedding fashion. A great beach wedding attire for men is a floral print shirt, with a loose fitted white pants and suede sandals. It is a good idea to choose the attire while keeping in mind that the sun would be out glaring at you.

For the groom, a nice pair of soft linen pants in white or cream color paired with a cotton or linen shirt in the same color or a contrasting light color will suit the occasion and bring a beauty of the tropics. Most brides like to have two colors as their dresses for a beach wedding – traditional white and a soft color to match the season or environment. This is the perfect reason to add a shirt or pants in colors that will wear well for years to come.

For the seaside wedding, choose a selection of soft blue shades that reflects the ocean waves. Gentle colors of red, pink, rose, yellow and green bring out the sunset in an evening ceremony. Wear comfortable shoes made of soft leather or sandals in a classic style. Accessorize with flowers, beads and other natural creations.

Groomsmen and maids of honor will enjoy the comfortable style of cotton and linen. They are an easy to care for clothing that can be worn after the wedding and through the reception without irritation. Choose linen for a table covering during the reception to complete the comfortable, style everyone will love. It is a no waste option for the eco friendly and very classy, comfortable wedding.

mens beach wedding attire
Classic Men’s Beach Attire (beige suits, light yellow silk vests and ties)

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