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White Linen Trousers for Men

drawstring white linen pants

If you are in a quandary as to how to wear white linen pants, then the following tips can help you make the right style choices for carrying off the look. Generally they are available in drawstring or more formal zippered styles worn during the summer months in colder climates and year-round in tropical locales. Exuding sophistication and style, the pants are a must-have apparel choice for any fashionable man.

What to Wear with White Linen Pants

A Great Beach Look

If you choose the linen drawstring design, then pairing the pants with a tunic-styled white shirt is definitely a great look for the beach.

Casual Look

Or you might choose to wear white drawstring linen pants with a white short-sleeved, buttoned-down linen shirt. The emphasis is on casual here as you want to convey an easygoing, laid-back look even in formal outdoor settings, such as beach weddings. Wear the shirt over your pants if it has a square hem or tuck the shirt in – either way will look good.

You can wear them with a white linen shirt and blazer to showcase a more conservative style. So, whether the pants are form-fitting or feature a drawstring design, either one of the fashions can be worn to formal or casual gatherings.

What to Wear with Slim-fitting Pants

Straight, slim linen pants too can serve as the basis for your summer wardrobe. Needing less care than cotton, the pants are machine-washable and only require ironing to reduce the amount of wrinkling. Wear these sleek and comfortable slacks with solid-colored linen shirts and brown, leather sandals. Shirts are available in such colors as lime, rust, tan, or navy – all the colors perfect accompaniments to the streamlined look.

What do you Wear Under Mens White Linen Pants

Underwear Guidelines

Wear White Undergarments beneath White Linen Pants

One concern that some men have is the choice of underwear with white linen pants. Because white is rather see-through, it’s best to avoid contrasting shades, such as navy or black as you’ll notice the color underneath the pants more than the pants themselves. Fortunately, there are plenty of white briefs and boxers. So, wearing white undergarments are recommended beneath any pants colored white.

Boxers or Briefs Can be Worn Underneath the Pants as Long as they are the Correct Fit

White undergarments serve as a kind of lining. Therefore, they offer the best coverage and do so inconspicuously. If you are wondering whether boxers or briefs are better to wear, both types of underwear are fine as long as they fit appropriately.

If Your Boxers are Bulky, You’ll Need to Replace Them

If your white boxers are too bulky beneath your pants, then you need to make a switch to boxers that provide a more sleek and streamlined fit. Some boxers are dimensionally similar to boxing trunks and therefore are obviously the wrong types of undergarments to wear beneath white pants.

Make Sure your Underwear Fits Close to your Body

Most of the boxer styles today fit closer to the body. So, if you are making an underwear choice, choose your preferred style-boxer or brief-and select traditional white.

For any Light-colored Linen Pant Selection, Match the Color of the Underwear to the Hue of the Pants

So, if you, say, have tan linen pants, then briefs or boxers should be tan too.

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